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blue stone
Drewaire Constructions love to use stone as a feature on a new build or to match an existing build
Drewaire Constructions
Drewaire Constructions also loves to use timber flooring. The benefit of timber flooring is that there is a huge variety of species and different methods of finishes varying from oil finish to highly polished depending on the the design of the build along with the clients preferred taste.
An element to consider in design is installing a concealed roller shutter. The benefit of installing a roller shutter is that you can have an open feel, letting the light in and enjoying the beautiful weather. You can then activate the shutter to close to create privacy or protection from the...
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Ritek Choosing our suppliers has taken years of refining to get the highest quality finishes that impress and last. Drewaire Constructions is renouned for it’s unique finishes and this attention to detail that has won Drewaire Constructions building awards. One of the finishes that continually...
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Using recycled hardwood posts can give some projects depth and body to the structure. This blended with polished concrete and stone work can create a unique high quality finish. The posts can be used for outdoor structures aswell as indoor structures.
building services
Drewaire Constructions like to use exposed concrete flooring as a unique finish. There are a number of different finishes you can choose from, fully exposed cut and polished finish, commercial finish and a burnish finish just to name a few. A benefit to a client is that they can choose their own...